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Welcome to the Kumpute Nation's information page. We are a small tribal organization comprised mainly of the Tswec Tribe and affiliated clans. We run various projects to keep our members connected, including retro projects such as BBS's, FTN networks, social sites, apps, and other services. Our BBS is available at (bbs.kumpute.org:2323) and our IRC server (irc.kumpute.org:6667). We also run a gopher site (gopher://kumpute.org:70) which offers the same information as found here on our website.



LibreDOS Operating System
Kumpute FTN Network
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NOV 18, 2022

- The family tree is now hosted on the Tswec BBS (bbs.tswec.ca:23). Please contact MissChief for access.

SEP 12, 2022

- A fresh copy of the newsletter is available on our gopher site here